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Plasma Treatment Machine

Plasma Treatment Machine

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Plasma surface treater is used to promote adhesion through removal of organic and inorganic contaminants present on the surface. Plasma surface treatment is an economical solution used for cleaning and activation of complex surfaces. It is used before printing and bonding. This treatment is mainly used to treat complex surfaces that cannot be treated using regular treatments like corona mechanism. Plasma surface treatment increases adhesion on the surface of metals, plastic and cartons. Plasma surface treatment is a low temperature process. Through this process, a variety of chemical and physical changes occurs on the surface, certain dense and cross linked layers are formed that increases the adhesiveness on the surface. Plasma surface treatment improves wett ability and adhesion of ink, glues and coatings on many different surfaces.


Model PMA7001
Input voltage AC 220V
Nominal power 800VA
Plasma power supply frequency 20-30 KHz
Air Supply Pressure 2-3 Bar
Dimension 560*253*460mm
Treatment width 10mm



UV radiation and active oxygen species from the plasma break up separating agents, silicones and oils from the surface. These are pumped away by the vacuum system. Active oxygen species (radicals) from the plasma bind to active surface sites all over the material, creating a surface that is highly 'active' to bonding agents.


Plasma surface treatment is widely used in various manufacturing companies to provide cost effective, real world solutions to many challenges.

Some of the areas are:

1) Cleaning: to remove contaminants and residues from the surface of materials.

2) Bonding: to facilitate direct bonding of materials

3) Adhesion: to prepare surface for coating, painting etc.

4) Polymerisation: Enables polymerisation through gaseous monomers.

5) Activation: Continuously removes single atoms out of the surface to promote the adhesion of paint or glue.



  1. Easy to integrate on existing production line preceding the glue dispenser.
  2. Possible to change glue to a more economical, and environmentally friendly type
  3. Increasing line speed by adding Plasma treatment to the process.
  4. Air/Energy savings with stand by air flow feature
  5. Easy to use
  6. Compact design
  7. Light weight
  8. High power Plasma discharge allows for increased line speeds.

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