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    Carton Pasting Machine with Lock Bottom

    We "Precision Machines & Automation," are committed to providing the authentic and optimum High Speed Folding And Gluing Machine and other machinery which reflect and exhibit advantageous features and distinctive characteristics, helping us forge strong relation of loyalty and trust with our clients. We manufacture and custom-fabricate High Speed Folding And Gluing Machine with highly engineered folding belts and conveyor belts which ensure maintaining the correct cycle of machine and corresponding to optimal fold of sheets. The machines, presented by us, are efficient in producing cases made of cardboard sheets at very high rate and operating in the continuous succession. High Speed Folding And Gluing Machine functions in a way that cuts out the printed or plain sheets to form the doubled-down portions of the sheets and subsequently apply the glue on the tab, and then finally folding and bonding for turning into the bundles for supply to users.


    • Assuring of high production rates
    • Folding and Gluing operations in the perfect synchronism
    • Capable of offering sufficient speed
    • Improved quality, automatic, variable and high speed folding machine designed to deal with sheet or flat plastic materials
    Pasting Machine

    Precision Machines & Automation is a Manufacturer & Exporter of Pasting Machine and a comprehensive range of packaging machines, which are highly praised by our Indian and international customers. Our engineering excellence and leading-edge technologies have been instrumental in designing pasting machines with high-technology heating plates stacked in feeding direction in order to cover the maximal width of the carton and corrugated boxes as well as being adjusted to heat up cardboard strip separately through a control device with uniform drying. It is our commitment that we always provide customers with innovatively designed Pasting Machine with notable features and quality, that accentuates company's distinguishable characteristics, thereby building up healthy relation of credibility and goodwill with customers. Sticking onto our philosophy "Customer is the first preference", besides that we center on innovation and product excellence for standing out in the industry.


    • Pasting machine comprising top-of-the-line heating device with moisture sensor
    • Offering excellent pasting pressure
    • Optimum operation of paste hopper owing to high horsepower (hp)
    • Innovative pasting mechanism to apply paste over the both sides
    Folder Gluer

    We "Precision Machines & Automation" have devised our manufacturing guideline fostering excellence and innovation that allows the company to leapfrog the competitors in market position. Keeping with framework, we further improve our engineering capability in line with demands of the present time by dint of manufacturing high-technology Folder Gluer that is more dependable, produces improved folds, operates at the fast speed, besides being upgraded easily and without any difficulty. As committed to offering customers correct values to their investment, we engineer and export a wide range of Folder Gluer with the better quality and features such as excellent stacking, prevention of premature unfolding of boxes. Our range of folder gluer embodies an enhanced conveyor system that can be used to feed a corrugated box blanks through folding, gluing, stacking units. We have developed our capability to meet and better customer expectations and stand as a company that is relied upon by our customers of the world.


    • Proficient in high-speed feeding
    • Efficient in maintaining the high speed for longer time
    • High-quality conveyor system, compatible with feed blanks of different sizes
    • Beset with an efficient article separator
    U.V. Curing Machine

    We as an admirable company "Precision Machines & Automation," strive to provide advanced curing, pasting and folding technology on a regular basis and offer consumers with top-of-the-line U.V. Curing Machine with the maximum level of quality and customer satisfaction. We have been looking forward to establishing as a leading company and the remarkable growth. So, we engineer leading-edge U.V. Curing Machine that can efficiently offer constant curing of photopolymerizable ink used on both side of the bodies of cans because of embodying high-technology U.V. lamp chamber with a circuit in order to regulate intensity of the lamp. U.V. Curing Machine, manufactured by us, promises for drying and curing outward coatings of printing ink as well as expediting the hardening process of ink. We considers customer satisfaction as the top most preference, therefore we work constantly to improve the technology and design of products and services to offer world-class overall quality.


    • Seamless curing the entire exterior surface of the can bodies.
    • Continuous, efficient & prompt U.V. curing
    • Providing considerably uniform energy intensity over the exterior surface
    • Assuring of complete and reliable drying of the exterior surface
    Cylinder Die Punching

    We "Precision Machines & Automation" strive to be the first-line choice of our clients, therefore we are not only concerned about effecting excellence in product line but also are an ethical, professional, responsible company aiming at creating goodwill among our client base. Developing and researching Cylinder Die Punching Machines that are designed with technology to overcome problems like duplication of work, time delay, unstable production flow, in another way around, assuring of smooth production, adaptability to punching the small & large sheets, efficiency in complete and optimal punching operation and non-duplication of works. Our series of Cylinder Die Punching Machines are well programmed and highly controlled apparatus that automatically and semi-automatically adjust the workpieces and operate thereupon. Cylinder Die Punching Machine is manufactured with a simple construction, wherein die unit can be easily and swiftly incorporated and taken out to actuate the machine to punch holes of various diameters and shapes on the workpieces of distinctive thickness.


    • Notable operational efficiency of the machine
    • Moving the workpiece in both a single as well as multi direction
    • Our series characterizes flexibility in inserting and removing the die units
    • Minimum set-up time and less effort in changing punch units
    Coater for Brakes

    Having established in 2004, Precision Machines & Automation is referred to be a company that is competent and dependable in manufacturing best-in-the-quality Coater For Brakes that is used for continuous coating by means of spraying and vaporizing the material over the substrate. Our aim is to provide Coater For Brakes in a standard or a custom-designed geometry with efficiency and capacity for optimum and streamlined coating process by maximizing the effective area of deposition of material, therefore ensuring the desirable coating. We have set an objective for becoming our customers' preferred partner for Coating Machine for printing and packaging industry by offering the great value built on top-of-the-line products. Coater For Brakes and Roller Coater for Disc Brakes which employ innovative coating method, thereby ensuring greater efficiency in a consistent manner and large-volume production at the reduced costs, besides lowering down wastes.


    • Providing satisfactory uniformity and thickness of coating
    • Highly efficient coating solution for brakes
    • Efficient in preserving the deposited material
    • To overcoming the problems of contaminating and spilling of deposited material
    Lamination Machines

    Precision Machines & Automation has been constantly aiming at manufacturing high-technology Lamination Machines that offer operational safety, excellent laminating performance through employing high pressure to take the coverlay to the contact with microelectronic package. We are convinced by the technology that enables the users to accomplish desirable throughput and reliable & safe operation even in a heavy-duty condition. We as a renowned manufacturer, exporter Supplier and Service Provider of Lamination Machines that can be custom-made in desired and specific configurations depending on their application and operation. The machine can be constructed with features such as providing consistent, clear and uniform bond with a wide array of items, moreover that is inexpensive in fabrication, hassle-free in use, and highly effective in operation in addition to assuring of high productivity, enduring durability, functional reliability, outstanding performance. Lamination Machines are designed in a way that maintains and controls proximity among the components like heating elements, conveyor belts and laminate's materials.


    • Embodying the ingeniously engineered rollers ensuring strong lamination
    • Allowing to achieve better pressures and higher speed of operation
    • Capable of laminating a variety of items
    • Avoiding the range of problems like buckling & seaming of paper and other pliable materials
     UV Curing Lamps

    Clients can avail from us a wide assortment of UV Curing Lamps that is widely demanded in processing and medical sectors. These lamps are ideal for the quick drying and curing of various kinds of products such as inks, paints, adhesives, water and medical accessories. In order to manufacture these lamps in tune with international quality standards, our deft team of professionals makes use of superior-quality components and advanced methodology. The range offered under provided lamps are further extended to Standard Mercury Vapor Bulbs, D-Bulb, V-Bulb and UV Light Curing Systems to suit specific needs of clients. In addition to this, we offer these UV Curing Lamps at market leading prices to the clients.


    • Safe to use
    • Easy to install
    • Lower power consumption
    • Longer service life